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camp to be destroyed. in election news this morning, mitt romney scored another run in the presidential race taking all 20 delegates. the candidates are focused on illinois' primary tomorrow with 54 delegates at stake. it showed over rick santorum another surprise upset because he says romney is another weak front-runner. >> i would love to get one-on- one with governor romney and expose the record that would be the weakest record we could put up against president barack obama. >> i think he has the same as the president, spend his life in government nothing wrong with that but right now we need somebody who understands the economy fundamentally. >> both are deciding to stay ahead. >> here are the initial leads growing 521. newt gingrich 136, rand paul has just 50. now a republican candidate needs 144 delegates to clinch the nomination. they announced this morning they raised $45 million last month. that brings them to 300 million for this election cycle. nearly 350,000 people contributed to the total. he will be holding another fundraiser in washington d.c. tonight. >>> the issue is fu
. >>> the race goes on, mitt romney won six of the seven super tuesday states. this is there in orange, vermont, virginia idaho an alaska. rick santorum won three states colored red, tennessee, newt gingrich won his home state, rand paul failed to pick up a state. mitt romney has 416 delegates, newt gingrich 105 and rand paul. >> we are counting down the days and it looks even better. >> we went up against enormous odds. who knows where we were out spend but in every state. >> romney bets him want his home state and the state they picked up had the most delegates. >> i am the authorities. >> if you look at the candidates today, there is very dips except for one. >> ran fall still shows no signs of dropping out. mitt romney was not the only gop candidate to win in ohio, coming up, man who made a name for himself a is now running for a congressional sight. >>> seating an unbiased jury for sheriff ross mirkarimi is proving to be a very difficult tacks. another 150 jurors are scheduled it to be a -- they are trying to find an impartial jury that elected sheriff ross mirkarimi just four months ago.
his endorsement behind the front-runner and he is trying be behind mitt romney. >>> meanwhile they are talking about a top adviser and when the aid was asked if mitt romney had moved to far to the right in the primary, he said everything changes in the general election where you can change it up and start all over again. the comment shows how romney changes his positions on issues. >>> sheriff ross mirkarimi was served papers accusing him of official misconduct. on monday he was sentenced to three years probation for the false imprisonment of his wife on new year's eve. meanwhile, she is a first woman to head the department. >> i have had the privilege of working with the sheriff for quite some years. i trust her, i know her, i know she will be a great leader for our sheriff's department. >> the city's ethics commission will investigate the complaint. >>> the man involved with the scandal is due back in court today. stefan faces drug charges and that he attacked lockyer in a hotel. a sex tape of the two was given to her husband, straight treasurer bill lockyer. they are asking
romney shocks up another win. >> elections are about choices. today hundreds of thousands of people in illinois have joined millions of people across the country to join our cause. >> mitt romney won 47% in the illinois primary, 12 points ahead of rick santorum who came in second. he is looking forward to the next contest. >> we will head to louisiana from here. we are feeling very good about winning louisiana on saturday, i might add. >> newt gingrich has been focusing his campaign hoping for a win there. rand paul met with voters and made an appearance on the tonight show. mitt romney picked up 41 of the 54 delegates. he now has 353 delegates and that's all he needs. rick santorum has 463, newt gingrich 465, rand paul. 50 delegates. hes accused of killing 16 and he is likely to be charged with homicide tomorrow. the case against bails will last two years. bails is being held at fort u.s. kansas. he believes bails may be suffering from post trauma i can stress disorder. >>> once charged with raping a co-worker is looking to protect his reputation. michael will file a lawsuit agains
in the evening rick santorum is attending another fundraiser in alamo. >>> mitt romney is picking up more high profile endorsements. bush will endorse mitt romney as they presidential nominee. he will meet for a photo option and mitt romney has met last night. he is being mentioned as possible candidate. >>> and he is ending tax breaks for oil companies. the president was scheduled a speech. he will call on them to for tax penalty tis to repeal oil tax subsidies. >>> time now 4:38 a bomb scare turned out to be a false alarm. emergency crews were called out just after 8:00 last night when a suspicious bomb. >>> let's go to sal to check in on traffic, how is the commute, it is early, sal? >> not too bad, pam, as a matter of fact we are doing well on most bay area commutes and that commute looks good getting to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound there are no problems and no problems on the bridge and the wind is not as big a factor as it has been earlier with the storms. this is northbound getting to highway 17 and that's a nice commute on the way up to 17. 430, here is steve. >>> a lot of clou
before the city's misconduct hearing. >>> coming up at 4:47 mitt romney's campaign hit by thieves. the items stolen. >>> 4:36. a judge will hear arguments today on whether to release a report examining uc davis police. now last november you might remember campus police were photographed spray into the faces of occupy protestors. they are committed to releasing the entire report. but police officers claim disclosing their names and confidential personnel information would violate state laws protecting peace officers rights. two weeks ago the judge ordered those sections sealed until he issues a final ruling. >>> one bay area businessman may be cheering for the los angeles dodgers. peter gruber is teaming up with others including magic johnson to buy the dodgers. they have offered $2 billion for the stadium. that is a record for any pro team. >>> mega million players will be competing for a record breaking jackpot in this friday's drawing. the jackpot grew to $476 million after no one matched all of last nights numbers. each of those tickets worth at least $250,000. the winning numb
:47. the house budget committee chairman is expected to endorse mitt romney. his endorsement would be a boost to romney's campaign, coming days before the wisconsin primary. romney is campaigning today. ryan has been mentioned as the possible vice presidential candidate. >>> rick santorum brought his campaign to the bay area yesterday. they appeared in alamo. he compared himself often to ronald reagan, a well known jelly belly fan. >> i supported the reagan idea of limited government and giving everybody in america the opportunity to provide for themselves. >> now, today santorum joins the other candidates campaigning in wisconsin. >>> despite vehement opposition, the oakland school board will close five elementary schools this june. >> that's unacceptable. >> teachers, parents, students urge the district to reconsider its decision. the board met yesterday afternoon in an unplanned meeting because a protest shut down the regularly scheduled session wednesday night. ten people were arrested. now, here are the five schools slated to close. lakeview, police sere, marshall park and santa fe. peop
in alabama. followed by 29% for newt gingrich and mitt romney. ron paul got 5%. in mississippi santorum with 30%. >> the crowds we had in alabama and mississippi i just have to tell you i was so encouraged. all the polls showed us trailing. they kept coming out. they say we are going to go out and work hard. >> there had been speculation that newt gingrich would drop out if he didn't win in alabama or mississippi. and romney is not the inevitable nominee. >> in both states the conservative candidates got nearly 70% of the vote. if you're the front runner and keep coming in third, you are not much of a front runner. >> overnight results show romney did win the caucuses in hawaii anisi moe a. next up is missouri which holds its caucus this saturday. we will continue to follow the gop race for president on your website >>> there has been another step forward for a new 49er stadium. they approved the stadium lease agreement. the deal calls for the 49ers to pay $30 million a year to the stadium authority. the council also approved a $1.7 billion finance deal for the stadium constru
it dozen into effect. mitt romney will head to the bay area for a fundraiser and they held a different one in red wood shores. they paid as much as $25,000 to attend. they want somebody with a business background in the white house. >> we have a very strong conservative lead. odds are we are on fast, they argue that romney supports corporate greed. oop thursday day, rick santorum will finance a founder, rick santorum will also be holding a campaign rally and that rally will get underway a 4:00 in the afternoon and that is open to the public. leaders of more than 50 countries discussed ways to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. president barack obama explained a comment that was picked up during an open mike and he was overheard saying he would have more flexibility after the november presidential election. >> what i said i think everybody in this room understands. what i said was very particularrable and the only way it gets done is if you can consult and big a strong basis of understanding between countries as well as within countries. >> president barack obama made fu
in most of the states and i think that will be a food super tuesday for us >> mitt romney was also in tennessee in a rally in knoxville. >> what i want to do is not to transform america into something we won recognize, but i want to restore to america the values and principals that made us the greatist in the history of the earth. >> now he pushed his libertarian reform and he wants to focus on his home in st. georgia. >>> in just hours, vice- president joseph biden will meet him in mexico city and vice-president joseph biden will hold a series of meetings with three major candidates who are battling to become the next president. next month, period by with moot with seven tied to the drug cartels. >>> the labor numbers are out this week and we will show you the biggest numbers in nearly a year. that seem to be the trade. employees are working more hours even during what is usually the slowest period for sales. a psychology says it is a trend that feeds on it self. that means more spending which you willly hiring -- ultimately hiring more. >>> it includes the wages and salaries of t
, that is newt gingrich's home state. rick santorum and mitt romney have been the willing it out in the past month in the state ofth have you shown in, my mother were not necessarily want me watching one or more of the free straights. iowa north dakota will finally hand him something, meantime the fun continues calling a georgetown student, a lump quote and prostate. two radio stations have now dropped the show well eid 12 advertisers have pulled their ads for him. >> we are the first to condemn his remarks within the party and i don't think it will affect voter turnout. now rush limbaugh has apologized but only for his choice of words. the young woman said an apology time like does not change anything. >> it is a twins dense coincidence and the president is expected to talk about rising gas prices and what is going on in syria. >>> also this morning, perfect president perez is meeting with mark zuckerberg and visiting the bay area in silicone trail have i. today you will launch an international -- international facebook page. >> facebook is the best social change, mark zuckerberg does not h
. and mitt romney says it's a bad idea for everyone to stay in the race all the way to the nominating convention in august. >> if we go all the way to the convention, we would be -- we would be signaling our doom in terms of replacing president obama. we need to select someone to become our nominee, get that person nominated and get focused on president obama and get him out of the white house. >> a total of 90 delegates are up for grabs today. the latest poll shows romney and gingrich virtually tied in both mississippi and alabama with santorum coming in third and ron paul fourth. >>> the first lgbt super pac or political action committee is up and running this morning and it's based in san francisco. pride pac plans to support president obama's reelection campaign through social media. members say their goal is to reach a million people and raise $1 million by summer. pride pac's website features donation links, t-shirts and a link to register to vote. >>> british prime minister david cameron and his wife begin a two-day official state visit at the white house today. tonight presid
their values that can present the best con transfor president obama. >> mitt romney and ron paul have not spent much time campaigning in mississippi or alabama. >>> looks like oakland school children will not have to change schools afterall. the oakland tribune reports the second wave of school closures has been canceled. toneny smith told a group of teachers he doesn't think more closing is needed. five schools are still slated to close in june. >>> this morning san jose will celebrate the $900 million funding commitment for the bart expansion to the south bay. city leaders will hold a signing ceremony at san jose city hall to commemorate the grant from the federal transit administration. ground breaking rather on the ten mile, $2.1 billion line from the fremont station is set for next month. bart hopes to have the project completed by 2016. >>> 4:49. new express lanes in the south bay opened this week. they are expected to provide relief for some commuters. some 300,000 drivers use the 880 interchange every day. starting thursday solo drivers will have the option to pay a fee to use the car p
candidate mitt romney is bringing his fundraising efforts here to the bay area. this afternoon he will appear at an event in redwood city. and tomorrow he heads to stockton for a fundraising breakfast. protestors will also be at today's event to welcome the candidate. they include people from groups such as occupy redwood city and the raging grannies. rick santorum is also heading here to the bay area. he won 49% of the vote in and ten of louisiana's 20 delegates. the states remaining five delegates will remap uncommitted until the convention. on thursday a fundraiser for santorum will be hill at a private home in alamo. >>> a costco and concord will be open this morning. but that is after a potentially deadly leak shut down the store for several hours. the leak caused a cloud in the wac of the store on monument boulevard. that was about 11:30 yesterday morning. shoppers and employees were evacuated. hazardous materials team was called in. the leaking gas was a dangerous refrigerant. the store was ventilated and reopened five minutes later and no one was hurt. >>> let's check in w
and alabama which hold their primaries on tuesday. mitt romney and newt gingrich have morning events scheduled in mississippi. rick santorum is starting his day in alabama. ron paul has a campaign appearance in missouri which holds its primary on march 17th. >>> republicans are criticizing the new hbo movie game change which debuts tomorrow. the movie focuses on john mccain's selection as sarah palin as their vice presidential running mate. actress julian moore plays palin. ed harris says he won't watch the movie. >>> a viral video is receiving both praise and criticism. >> they cut his neck. >> di you see it? >> i saw. >> joseph kony is wanted by the international criminal court for abducting children and forcing them to be soldiers or sex sex slaves. the video encourages people to contact celebrities and politicians and asks them to take a stand. and plaster posters of kony all over the world. the video oversimplifies the issues. has a link to kony 2012 video. if you'd like to see it look for the web link system. >>> a deal will be signed today on transferring control. this has bee
. some analysts say if gingrich fails to win more delegates than mitt romney in louisiana it's a sign his campaign is going nowhere. >>> a leading energy researcher says gas prices could double by the beginning of next year. ihs global says we could be paying $8 a gallon for gas if iran closes the strait of hormuz. researchers say iran couldn't keep the shipping passage closed for long but it could disrupt global oil supplies and that could send crude oil prices to $240 a barrel. >>> 4:49. ac transit is buying american. they've ordered 40 buses. for the last 12 years ac transit has bought only buses made in belgium, now they are buying buss from american. the move came after pressure from the teamsters union to save u.s. jobs. >>> could you handle a day without digital devices? a lot of people will be trying it tonight. it's called "the national day of unplugging." 24 hours without e-mailing, texts, tweeting or facebooking from sunset tonight to sunset tomorrow. national organizer tanya chavez of san francisco says it's about balance. >> we've lost, kind of the ability to focus. we lost t
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